Favorite Food Storage Appliances

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You are ready to start collecting food storage, and know you are going to need some appliances to help you along.  What are the best things?  Here are my favorite food storage appliances!

First things First…

Wheat Grinder

If you plan on having wheat, corn, or any type of grains that need to be “ground up”… you will need A Wheat Grinder.

The NutriMill Wheat Grinder




This is on the more expensive side… something to defiantly invest in if you are planning on grinding wheat 1-3 times a month.  I LOVE mine and have had it for 6 years!  Here is my review about it for more information.


If you aren’t planning on using a grinder much, but still need one for emergencies, try this one.  I LOVE it!

The Victorio Hand Grinder



It is defiantly on the cheaper side, but works just as great!  It takes “man power”, and time to grind your grains.  The knob on the side makes it easy to adjust the course-ness you want.  Hooks on to the edge of a counter, table, or chair for easy use.  Read my review about it for more information.



If you are planning on canning meat, veggies, or fruit, you’ll want a pressure canner.  I use it to can meats mostly, but it is also great for veggies from the garden and quick meals.  This is the one we use and LOVE!  We’ve had it for 5 years!

The Presto Pressure Canner and Cooker




I LOVE this appliance!  If you recommend using it to bottle stuff, you DEFIANTLY want the 23 quart one.  You are able to fit so much more in AND stack 2 rows of pint jars!  That really does make a difference because it takes so long to cook, and you don’t want to spend 2 days canning… at least I DON’T.


I have never used it to cook meals in… eek!  But my sister has for mashed potatoes and LOVED it!  I Like to bottle meat… yep… that’s right.

Chicken, hamburger, and steak.

I buy my meat in bulk from Zaycon Fresh… and then bottle 20lbs.  Read more about WHY And how I bottle or can my meat.

Ball Water Bath Canner




I do NOT have one of these… My mom has a very very old water bath canner from Ball, that I use and LOVE!  She has had it for over 20 years!  I love getting together with her every fall to turn our tomatoes into salsa, and grab apples from friends trees for homemade applesauce.







I have the older brand of this FoodSaver… and I have to say it is nice, but I don’t LOVE it.  It’s great for packaging individual snacks for 72-hour kits.  My FAVORITE use is to vacuum seal homemade granola, or other dry things into Mason Jars.  You have to buy the Jar Attachment and it can be really finicky… but it is TOTALLY worth it!  I also use it to make Holiday Nuts and seal them well to give as gifts for the holidays.

These are the top food storage appliances I feel are great investments.  Depending on what type of food storage direction you are taking, you might need some more than others.  They can defiantly be pricey, but in the long run, they have saved me more money than I spent.

What is your go-to food storage appliance?  Comment below.

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