Frugal Living

What is it?

I honestly have a hard time giving this a definition.  Let me tell you what frugal living means to ME.

  • trying to save money in all areas… but at the same time not being “cheap” (Read the Experts Every Day Frugal Living Tips)
  • enjoying the things I have and not wanting more
  • learning to manage my finances and budgeting so I can spend less in some areas and more on other items
  • living within my means… aka not spending more than I make
  • becoming more of a “homemaker”, making home made meals more often
  • finding ways to spend less on items
  • finding fun activities for my family without having to spend a lot of money
  • making do with what I have, or doing without
  • buying quality items so things last longer
  • being aware of what I have and appreciating it
  • being prepared for emergencies 
  • spending more time with family and friends instead of other costing activities
  • paying off debt faster, so more money stays in our pockets for what we want. Allowing us to save money so we can buy “bigger” items we want without feeling guilty

What is it NOT?

  • buying cheap items
  • pinching every penny we’ve got (although my husband might disagree)
  • coupon-ing like crazy (I HATE coupon-ing)
  • not doing anything fun and sitting at home bored
  • never going out to eat
  • hoarding every thing we’ve got because we are scared to throw it away
  • never buying anything new

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