Emergency Preparedness

Steps of Emergency Preparedness

1. Emergency Binder– A binder (physical, or electronic) which holds all of your important information including personal, finances, medical, property and posessions.  

2. 72 Hour Kit– A 3 day supply of food AND water in an easy to access package (backpack, container) to help aid in your survival.

3. 1 Week Water Supply- Recommened to store AT LEAST 1 gallon of water, per person, a day.  

4. Emergency Fund (Rainy Day Fund)- A 3 month supply of money (cash or in account where it’s easily accessible).  This needs to be enough money to cover all of your living expenses for 3 months.  

5. Food Storage– A long term supply of food, basied off what your family typically eats.  Start with 1 month, and work up.  Be sure to add water to your storage as well.

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