With many different companies that sell #10 cans for food storage, it can be confusing to know where to buy, esp with friends and family trying to convince

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There are so many different companies that sell #10 cans of freeze dried or dehydrated food.  It can be confusing with so many companies telling you to buy from them, or friends encouraging you to buy from them as well.

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I have personally tried the Home Storage Center , Thrive, Augason Farms, and Honeyville products.  Over the years, I have learned more and more about the different companies.  Along with my personal experience, and research from other websites, I have determined that not ALL #10 cans are created equal.

Not all #10 cans are created equal.

Not sure what #10 cans are?  Read more here.

Weight vs Price

This has been VERY confusing over the years of building our supply.  When looking to buy a lot of products to last a year for my family I wanted to make sure I got the best quality and quantity for the best price.  The food storage over all has the best quantity and quality for the best price.

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I do have to note, that I know some people to claim their white flour tastes like aluminium when stored for more than 10 years.  I have personally had flour10-15 years old and never noticed an off taste.  

When comparing prices with #10 cans, it is important to ALWAYS compare the weight.  (Typically comparing dollar per ounce is best.)  I used to compare the servings and realized serving sizes from company to company vary, and I lost some money on that route.

Prepared LDS Family 8 years ago did a comparison sheet from the top #10 can Food Storage competitors.  This worksheet is defiantly not updated with the current prices but will give you an example of the different prices per ounce for 6 major competitors.  I have noticed that Family Storage Center has ALWAYS had the most per ounce, and cheaper price.  (I am not an affiliate with LDS Family Storage Center).

Not all calories are equal

A #10 can of a fruit or veggie will have far less calories per serving compared to a serving of oats or wheat.

On a side note about calories not being equal, I just want to make mention about the “pre-made” food storage buckets or #10 can packs of food storage for a year (or other length of time).  I haven’t done the research on this, but Store This Not That has.  Here are their highlighted tips about different calories.   The biggest problem with buying the bulk #10 food storage pack or buckets is the calories they  count are mainly from liquid sugary drinks and broths.  Their x number of calories per day is mainly liquids which will NOT be filling in general, and be even worse in an emergency situation where you are counting on extra calories.  Although they may be great for a diet.

“Look for nutritious calories, not empty calories.” –Emergency Essentials/BePrepared

Number of servings can be misleading

One company will advertise as 52 servings of 1/4 cup totaling 13 cups in a #10 can.  Where another company will advertise 52 servings of 1/3 cup totaling 15.5 cups in a #10 can.  The biggest mistake I have made was buying Honeyville whole egg powder which had more volume in the can but only 72 eggs, vs buying Thrive Life whole egg powder which had a smaller volume but almost double the eggs.  The reason behind this was Honeyville was 2 Tbsp powder per one egg since it had additives in it and Thrive was 1 Tbsp powder per one egg with no additives.  Both companies were about the same price.  These companies have since changed their labels and Honeyville is now similar to Thrive.  This is just something to take note of when comparing prices with #10 cans from one company to the next.

Not all shipping is created equal

#10 cans are heavy.  Freeze dried #10 cans are lighter, but can still be heavy and bulky.  Beware of shipping fees.  Honeyville has had a flat rate shipping ofr $4.99.  I have bought 7 boxes of food at one time, and ONLY paid $4.99 to ship it all (US only).  Thrive used to have outrageous shipping where the shipping would increase with the more money you spent.  Now, looking at the website it shows free shipping on orders over $49.  EDIT:  I was informed that free shipping after $50 is wrong, I’m working on an update for their shipping prices and will edit this post when I know.  If you do know shipping rates with Thrive, feel free to comment below.

Check the shelf life claims

If the company hasn’t been around for 20-30 years, how can they be sure that their product lasts that long?  Sticking to the basic, over the years, proven items that have lasted through out time is best when looking into your long term food storage supply.  Rice, wheat, beans and oats are more of the common ones.

Know the difference between freeze dried and dehydrated

I made this mistake once… and I do have to say once.  My husband called me from the store and said “they have freeze dried bell peppers on sale for $10.99”.  I practically jumped for joy!  All of my researching showed they were in the $20 range at the time.  I told him to buy 3.  When he came home, we both realized it was dehydrated NOT freeze dried… 4 years later I am still trying to sneak dehydrated bell peppers into our meals.

Dehydrated items tend to be harder, and don’t re-hydrate as well.  When using them, they work well for crock pot cooking.  Typically onions, apple slices and re-fried beans are the most common dehydrated food storage items.  Dehydrating food is easy for anyone to do either using a dehydrator or oven (which is why this food is typically cheaper per #10 can)

Freeze dried are light weight, fluffy and re-hydrated looking very similar (although mushy) like the regular version of the food.  These are about double the price.  They have freeze dryer machines you can use in your home, but they are well over $1000.

In conclusion

#10 cans can be found is many more places then there were 5-10 years ago.  If you are looking for basic #10 can food items, the Home Storage Center is the best price for the most amount of food.  They sell food to HELP not to make money off of it.

When looking for freeze dried food items, you’ll need to do some research across the board between companies.  My favorite over the years has been Honeyville or Augason Farms (Augason doesn’t have a large selection, but can be found at some super Walmart, and can have competitive prices).

What have been your issues with #10 cans?

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This post may contain affiliate links.  Read my affiliate link disclosure here

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