53 Frugal Uses for FREE Food Grade Buckets

I LOVE 5 gallon buckets, well I THOUGHT I did until I found how how expensive they were. Then I found out how I could get FREE buckets

I LOVE 5 gallon buckets… well… I THOUGHT I did until I found how how expensive they were.   BUT then…I found out how I could get FREE food grade buckets that were 2.5-3 gallons and were even BETTER than the 5 gallon ones! Because 5 gallon buckets are SO expensive (I mean, they are just a bucket), I am 100% willing to transition to a smaller FREE bucket! Check out my post HERE on how you can get them for free!

I now prefer the 3 gallon ones because they aren’t as bulky, and are so much lighter when I use it for bulk food storage.

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Outside uses for Buckets




  • Store garbage. It can so annoying to pay $15 for little garbage cans around the house.
  • Put old car oil or grease in
  • Store Charcoal, buckets will keep it clean and keep the bag from ripping.
  • Store camping gear such as bungee cords, tent stakes, ect.
  • Great for Extension Cord Storage


Indoor Uses


Food Storage

Home Improvement

  • Mix cement or mud for drywall
  • Great use for using a paint roller
  • Seems like tools are always scattered in the garage, you can create a “Tool Bucket

In the Home

As a result, 53 outdoor and indoor uses for buckets!  Finally, go to your closest grocery store with a larger bakery and ask away to take a few home!  It’s usually easier to find them in the winter vs summer times.


What do you use your buckets for?  Comment below.


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This post may contain affiliate links.  Read my affiliate link disclosure here

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