Are you getting ready for a baby shower? This pack of games as too many to choose from! You’ll be sure to find a few that ALL your guests will enjoy!

Black and White DIGITAL Baby Shower Games.

This packet is perfect to print on 8×5 x 11 inch paper (card stock preferred) on simple colors to match your Baby Shower Theme. This PDF Download will allow you to print off multiple copies of each game. Choose from printing ONE game on a single page, or TWO games on a single page. You may use all of them, or just a few! Either way you save money and have plenty of options for other Baby Showers.

Games Included:

1. Baby Word Scramble: Have fun unscrambling a list of 20 words
2. Who Knows Mommy Best: See who knows the most about the lady with the baby.
3. Baby Shower Charades: Have fun with a quick or long game of Charades. Guests will have fun trying to act things out, and guess the fun “experiences” that come with pregnancy, delivery, and experiencing their first child.
4. Baby Name Game: This game comes with three options. A Basic Baby Name Game where you guess baby names A-Z. Also include is a BOY or GIRL only version.
5. Alphabet Baby Quiz: How many baby items can you name A-Z?
6. Baby Animal Match List: Two different lists to choose from with this game! Who knows their “Baby Animal Names” the best?
7. Baby Shower Word Search: Are you the quickest with spotting the words?
8. Baby Shower Crossword Puzzle: Have fun figuring out this puzzle with your guests.
9. Nursery Rhyme Quiz: Have fun trying to remember all the old-time nursery rhymes… you’d be surprised with how many you might have forgotten.
10. Baby Shower Scattergories: This is a favorite in my family! Have a challenging game with your guests to see who can come up with the best words and get the most points!
You will require a printer to print off pages and/or a copy machine to make other copies. Each PDF is for 8.5 x 1 inch page. All games are able to print on basic printing paper OR you may print it on colored card stock to match your theme.

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