Need a fun quite toy for when you are at an appointment, restaurant, or in the car that’s NOT electronics? THIS fishing game is the perfect item! It will not only help with hand-eye coordination, but allows you to work with counting the fish, colors, and creativity. Fitting in an Altoids Size Tin (9.4cm x 5.9cm x 2.1cm) with a hinged lid it’s perfect to for in any size bag you own!

This felt fishing game comes with 8 colorful fish (colors may vary), each about 2 inches long. Sewn tightly inside each fish is a strong Neodymium Rare Earth magnet. This game has been well used and tested for over a year with safety in mind, NOT ONCE HAS A MAGNET COME OUT. Parent supervision is still recommended, as with any small toy, for young children.

Each Fishing rod is made out of a 3-inch wood dowel, with another larger Neodymium Rare Earth magnet sewn between felt.

All fish and rod fit perfectly inside a small silver tin for easy use. My kids love it and yours will too!

$18.00 Buy HERE on Etsy!

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