Frugal Living

Frugal Living

Frugal Living… what does it really mean?

I honestly have a hard time giving this a definition.  Let me tell you what frugal living means to ME.

Frugal living means…

Frugal Living does NOT mean…

  • buying cheap items
  • pinching every penny we’ve got (although my husband might disagree)
  • coupon-ing like crazy (I HATE coupon-ing)
  • not doing anything fun
  • sitting at home bored because we don’t have money to go out
  • never eating good fast food, or amazing expensive food
  • hoarding every thing we’ve got because we are scared to throw it away
  • never buying anything new

Throughout this blog I’ll share with you ways that we have found worked for us to live frugally, and hope you enjoy them!