5 steps to Start your Food Storage

5 steps to start your food storage

Are you overwhelmed with how to start building a food storage?  You want to store food, but not waste space with food you don’t know how to use or will eat?  Read below for the important 5 steps to start your food storage and make it work for you.

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How to start your food storage

1. Be Aware

This month, start being more aware of the meals you make and make a note of the ones your family loves!  Look for meals that are quick to make, a little more convenient (such as using canned items), and don’t have a ton of fresh ingredients (if they do, that’s OK too).  Do most of these meals involve rice? Beans? Noodles? What type of protein?  Chicken?  Beef?  Turkey?  Become aware of what your family likes and what your meals typically consist of.

This post may contain affiliate links.  Read my affiliate link disclosure here.

This FREE Food Storage Strategy reveals my simple 3 steps to building a food storage you’ll enjoy. 

2. Gather Recipes

Now that you know what type of meals your family LOVES, start looking for 7 dinner recipes.  Look for recipes that have less than 10 ingredients (including seasonings); recipes that have fewer fresh items (Freeze-Dried fruits and veggies can be pricey); or recipes that have random ingredients that you only buy and use specifically for one meal.  Read more on How to be sure your family will eat the Food Storage meals and 7 tips for picking food storage meals to make sure you are getting the best meals for your family.

If you need some recipe ideas, here is a list of 100+ food storage recipes.

3. Make a list

Once you have 7 recipes, make a list of all the ingredients in EVERY recipe.  This can be pretty tedious, take a lot of time and is my least favorite part!  But, once it’s done, it’s a lot easier to start building your stockpile.

4. Multiply

Once you have your ultimate list of all your ingredients, multiply EACH ingredient by the number of weeks you want to have a supply.  For example, you  are trying to save up food for 1 month.  Multiply each ingredient amount by 4.

Does this mean I’ll be eating the same meal every night?

No, you’ll be eating the same meal once a week for 4 weeks, IN AN EMERGENCY.  But to rotate your food storage, you can make a variety of meals with the same ingredients.  Remember, they are based off meals your family enjoys, so making a “food storage meal” once or twice a month shouldn’t be a problem.

Make sure you are keeping with the same measurements such as cup, or teaspoon.  Here is a quick list of conversions I always use.  After multiplying each ingredient, you will now have your shopping list of what you need to buy.  This will save money because you won’t be buying extras or items you thought you needed but really didn’t.

5. Shopping List

Tale a list of items you need with you grocery shopping.  (I keep everything in a google Doc excel spread sheet).  Pick up a few items each week to start building your supply.  Don’t worry about trying to get it all at the same time.  Building a stockpile takes time and patience.  Pick up what you can, when you can.  When you use an item in your pantry, put it on your weekly shopping list for next time. Then you can keep your basic “Food Storage” shopping list up to date.

This FREE Food Storage Strategy reveals my simple 3 steps to building a food storage you’ll enjoy. 

What step have you taken to start your food storage?  Comment below.

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4 thoughts on “5 steps to Start your Food Storage”

  1. I’m on step 1 and 2. This pandemic period of SO much extra cooking has taught me a LOT about what we will and won’t eat! And I’ve gathered recipes I want to use again. My food storage recipes are labeled Apocalype Eats to amuse me!

      1. I remember as a child my family would go visit our elder family whom lived on their farm an raised all their all of their food an an how my aunts would can everything an intrigued i was .with the very real food shortages i have been searching for ideas an plans such as canning.Thank you for sharing on canning .i will definantlilly be canning now !

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